Bridgeport EZPATH CNC Lathe

For your precision turning requirements our Bridgeport EZPATH lathe offers a cutting diameter up to 14" for 30" long parts.

For your precision turning requirements our Bridgeport EZPATH lathe offers a cutting diameter up to 14" for 30" long parts.

The EZ Path machine features EZPATH IIIS is constructed on a rigid cast-iron frame, with induction hardened and ground ways. The Turcite-coated carriage and cross-slide move on solid cast iron bed and saddle guideways for high rigidity, accuracy and durability. AC brushless servo motors and drives provide feed rates up to 394 ipm on the Z-axis and 295 ipm on the X-axis. Dual electronic handwheels are provided for manual or semi-automatic operation.

To provide control flexibility and enhanced operator safety, the handwheel unit remains stationary during automatic operation, or travels on an independent track outside the front sliding door for manual operation. A rigid one-piece tailstock, with two clamps instead of one, provides rigidity for heavy turning and manual drilling. The tailstock includes a large, manually operated quill with tang stop and tool knock-out features.

An automatic lubrication system, complete coolant system, rear splash-guard door, and single sliding front door guard are standard. Simple, User-friendly Control EZPATH S is specifically designed to help operators progress from manual to CNC turning.

The PC-based control provides user-friendly, pop-up windows and menus to guide the operator through the process to enter part information. The operator simply enters finished part dimensions at the prompts and selects a tool from the built-in Tool Library. The control then calculates the appropriate tool path and previews it on the screen for verification prior to cutting. The control speeds productivity by reducing set-up time, human error and scrap.

EZPATH S provides taper, chamfer, radius and threading routines for easy turning without additional attachments. EZPATH S also provides a “TEACH” mode that allows the operator to make the first part manually and save each machine move as the part is turned. EZPATH S then creates a program allowing subsequent parts to be run automatically.

All CNC controller hardware is contained in a single rugged enclosure. In the event of a problem, this unit can be replaced for easy field maintenance and reduced downtime. The sturdy operator console swivels for operator convenience. A floppy disk drive in the front panel and an RS-232 port facilitate easy transfer of programs from off-line systems.