Most Accurate Press Brakes

We use three electric Toyokoki press brakes, 12”, 6’ and 10’ with forming pressure up to 60 tons and our newest pair, a 12' 150 metric ton Bystronic Expert 150 and a one meter Expert 40 Bystronic. These two build upon the advanced performance for TMS of the Toyokoki's. Paired with Bysoft 7 offline programming software you can be assured your parts are formed accurately and on the first try.

Toyokoki company pioneered the development of the world's first 100% electric press brake. With over 30 years experience designing brakes, Toyokoki recognized the need for a new machine to meet the growing demand for shorter lot runs with greater accuracy and repeatability.

Since the repeatability of dead bottom center was dependent on oil temperature and viscosity, they developed a new machine called the APB Series which for the first time controlled the ram movement directly with heavy-duty ball screws.

An AC servo motor is connected to the ball screw by a non-stretchable gear belt. The speed of the ram is dictated by the motor RPM while ram position is set by the rotary encoder on the motor. Vertical position is directly proportional to the screw rotation. The end result is the the ram positions to within +/- 0.00039 inches.

Based on many years of expertise in the bending field, Toyokoki developed the world's first totally electric high-precision Press Brake equipped with eco-friendly AC servo motor and has already delivered a lot to customers. With the use of a direct drive mechanism that is based on large-diameter, high-precision ball screw driven by the AC servo motor, this machine performs extremely accurate ram control with ram repeatability of ±1?1000 mm in a simple mechanical structure.

Providing easy-to-operate ultrahigh-precision bending machines, Toyokoki helps you respond to such growing trends as small-lot large-variety production, short delivery schedules, increased product complexity and increased accuracy requirements.